Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hillary on Public Education

Because public education is Not Realistic

(it requires unicorns, sprinkle dust, and fairies):

...the research I've seen, some if it public, some of it not, they like me. They actually are quite admiring of me, but they're excited by something new and something that is a little different and a little revolutionary and promises free college. [Laughter.] And so I have a job, which is a little bit of a downer job in saying, you know, my dad taught me that, if anybody tells you something is free, look at the fine print. And to point out where that disparity is. But I get that. And I am very confident we're going to have a broad coalition.
-- Hillary Clinton on why she is not connecting with young women voters.  (Newsday interview, April 11) 

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